Friday, September 26, 2014


Hey Everyone,

Since we have just started the blog (YAY!!! We are so thrilled) I wanted to introduce ourselves to all you readers out there and give you a brief preview of what will be happening on the blog. As you follow our blog you can be sure to find posts on Hairstyling tips and tricks, Inspiration, monthly updates on what's going on in the salon, testimonials, and product details. You will also get to know more and more about what makes VIVESQUE different from other salons. Please feel free to post any questions that you may have and share us with your friends.

Today I would like to talk about the relationship between our guests and our stylists. Have you ever been to a salon where you felt you couldn’t try another stylist? Maybe you felt like it was too awkward to ask, or you could feel that there may be some jealousy or competition between the stylists. Some salons won't even allow you to book with another stylist if the one you have gone to isn't available, so you'll just have to wait until your stylist is available. Crazy right?!? Here at VIVESQUE we don’t believe there is such thing as “cheating” on your stylist. We are strictly an all commission salon so there is no competing and no inequality. We feel being a commission salon it creates unity and fairness. Each one of our stylist have special gifts and talents and we encourage our guests to try different stylist to best fit their needs and get the most out of their experience. We believe that change is good and each stylist has something to offer. We love our guests and are here specifically for them. We are here to listen to all their needs-physically, emotionally & even spiritually at times. We strive everyday to give each guest the best experience every time. We work really hard within ourselves to be our most authentic true self so we can can give our guests permission to do the same. We believe in staying in the moment and having real conversations.

Tawnya Nelson, the owner of VIVESQUE, has created such an amazing beautiful platform for the stylists to be not only a team but a family. VIVESQUE is a place of art, love, passion, and healing. She has created a safe place for the stylist and the guests to create enriched relationships and get the most out of their VIVESQUE experience.  

If you have never been to the Salon we would absolutely love to see you and get to know you and your needs. Call today for an appointment with any of our great team members. (801)407-8655

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