Thursday, September 11, 2014

Volume Dutch-Fishtail Tutorial

Braids have been very popular this year and I am in love with this one. I used Shu Uemera Volume maker to create a fuller looking braid. Spritzed it with Shu Uemera Detail Master to hold hair in place and finished it off with Shu Uemera Touch of Gloss to keep ends looking smooth.

I began the braid by doing a Dutch braid which is just a french braid but instead of taking the next piece and going over the last, you will go under instead. once I had all of Jenna's hair in the Dutch braid, I took the middle piece of the braid and split it in half and added it to the other two sections. I finished the rest of the hair by doing a fishtail braid. I then tied off the ends and gently started pulling the braid apart to create a fuller thicker looking braid.

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