Thursday, February 12, 2015

VIVESQUE Behind the Scenes

VIVESQUE Behind the Scenes 

Welcome to VIVESQUE Salon... Behind the Scenes! Join us as we take you through our early mornings, from the moment our team arrives, to the moment we open our doors to you. ❤

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

VIVESQUE's Featured Artist: Heather Kesler

Heather Kesler

VIVESQUE's Featured Artist is our own Heather Kesler. She shares with us a piece of her journey in the industry, & what VIVESQUE means to her.

Monday, December 1, 2014

VIVESQUE's Featured Artist: Jordan Howa

Jordan Howa

VIVESQUE's Featured Artist is the owner and founder of Beehive Grooming & Co, and our barber here at VIVESQUE. It is none other than Jordan Howa.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Inspiration


As some of you may not know, we strive to inspire each other in order to inspire our guests. Every Monday we share with each other a "Monday Inspiration", in which a specific team member writes a few paragraphs about any topic that they feel impressed to share. 

We'd love to share some of this inspiration with our guests! You'll find today's inspiration below. 

by Heather Kesler

Good Afternoon my lovely people! I want to share with you all one of my biggest inspirations lately.....Gratitude!!! Gratitude has helped me each and every day. Each morning I wake up reciting what I am thankful for and it really does set forth the rest of my day. On the days I forget to do this I notice that it just doesn't feel the same. I think you all knew that for 30 days Jeremy and I would wake up each morning and tell each other one thing we were grateful for and I got to tell you how incredible that was to do. It really opened my eyes to how my husband feels and really helped us connect on a different level. Expressing gratitude allows vulnerability and a deeper connection between others and yourself, and your life. So today I want to express my gratitude for all of you....

 This team has been so amazing to me and such an example of what it is to really connect with people and that this connection really exists. For so long I wondered if I would ever REALLY connect with others the way I wanted to. Throughout my life I can literally count on one hand how many people I really connected with. I would feel so much deep love and connection with my peers but it always seemed to not be reciprocated. I always knew in my heart that this connection existed and that I would find it, but it was getting a little more difficult. Until I came here. It was the most perfect timing I could have ever asked for. So first I thank God for placing you all in my path and second I thank you all for allowing this connection to happen. You have all been so kind, loving, and supportive to me. I value each and every one of you. Thank you for making me laugh, helping me through tough times, and just being yourselves. Thank you for allowing me in and allowing me to listen and support you in times you needed it. I hold this team so near and dear to my heart and I feel like you all are my family! Each of your strengths & gifts are such an example to me and I cherish each one of them. Together we make such a strong force and I know we are destined for greatness. I am so grateful for this wonderful work place that allows each one of us to be vulnerable, share our fears and desires, and to be supported to go out and get what we want. I love the growth I have seen in myself and all of you! We are really truly blessed to be here together to grow personally and professionally. 

Below is a meditation I do in the morning. It is super quick and really helps me set forth what I want for the day. I also attached some of my favorite moments so far that I have had with this team and also some quotes I love as well. Quotes are one of my favorites to help me stay inspired and dedicated to living in a higher awareness state. I hope you all enjoy these and have the most wonderful day today! 

Thank you for giving me your time to express my gratitude. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL thanksgiving. I love you all!…

Friday, October 3, 2014


Hey Everyone,

The weekend is almost here, so I thought you all may need a little inspiration to get you through the rest of this week, and the next...and even the rest of the year!

Here at VIVESQUE we recognize the importance of inspiration, and we do our best to keep our VIVESQUE team motivated and inspired. Every week one of our amazing team members is invited to share something inspiring with the rest of the team on our team website. We call it Monday Inspiration and we all look forward to reading it each week. 

I wanted to share with you all this week's Monday Inspiration with all of you because it is one of those topics that applies to everyone. LOVE!

At VIVESQUE, practicing love-including self-love- is a priority. We cannot give to others what we do not have ourselves. So, it is a crucial part of our personal and professional growth to love on ourselves and give to ourselves just as much as we do our guests, friends, team members, and families. When we do this, we gain the strength and ability we need to serve and love others fully!

So here are a few questions for you all:

  • What do you do to practice self love?
  • Do you find it difficult or find yourself feeling "selfish" for taking time out for you?
  • What would you love to do for yourself today?
  • What's stopping you? 

I challenge you to do at least one thing everyday (or if that's too hard, at least one things week) that is FOR YOU and ONLY YOU! Meditate, read a book, educate yourself, disconnect from technology, exercise, or even just take a moment to relax and breathe.

I promise you small acts of self love creates extreme momentum into infinite possibilities.

Hope you all have a great rest of your week. Until next time!

P.S. We'd love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave your comments below. 

Friday, September 26, 2014


Hey Everyone,

Since we have just started the blog (YAY!!! We are so thrilled) I wanted to introduce ourselves to all you readers out there and give you a brief preview of what will be happening on the blog. As you follow our blog you can be sure to find posts on Hairstyling tips and tricks, Inspiration, monthly updates on what's going on in the salon, testimonials, and product details. You will also get to know more and more about what makes VIVESQUE different from other salons. Please feel free to post any questions that you may have and share us with your friends.

Today I would like to talk about the relationship between our guests and our stylists. Have you ever been to a salon where you felt you couldn’t try another stylist? Maybe you felt like it was too awkward to ask, or you could feel that there may be some jealousy or competition between the stylists. Some salons won't even allow you to book with another stylist if the one you have gone to isn't available, so you'll just have to wait until your stylist is available. Crazy right?!? Here at VIVESQUE we don’t believe there is such thing as “cheating” on your stylist. We are strictly an all commission salon so there is no competing and no inequality. We feel being a commission salon it creates unity and fairness. Each one of our stylist have special gifts and talents and we encourage our guests to try different stylist to best fit their needs and get the most out of their experience. We believe that change is good and each stylist has something to offer. We love our guests and are here specifically for them. We are here to listen to all their needs-physically, emotionally & even spiritually at times. We strive everyday to give each guest the best experience every time. We work really hard within ourselves to be our most authentic true self so we can can give our guests permission to do the same. We believe in staying in the moment and having real conversations.

Tawnya Nelson, the owner of VIVESQUE, has created such an amazing beautiful platform for the stylists to be not only a team but a family. VIVESQUE is a place of art, love, passion, and healing. She has created a safe place for the stylist and the guests to create enriched relationships and get the most out of their VIVESQUE experience.  

If you have never been to the Salon we would absolutely love to see you and get to know you and your needs. Call today for an appointment with any of our great team members. (801)407-8655

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mermaid Hair

I started to create this look using two pumps of Karastase Boucles D'Art in the lengths and ends of Kami's dry hair. I then began by sectioning off the bottom section of hair and taking about 1 inch pieces. I used a 1 inch curling iron and started curling at the top of the hair strand. I curled her hair about two times around the iron let it heat up and let it out. Then I continued by making a wave pattern by switching the direction of the curling iron and clamping the rest of the way down her hair to the ends. I finished off the look using Shu Uemera Texture wave to add some texture and hold to the look and ran my fingers through the curls to separate them.